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Since Select Quote does not sell Single Premium Whole Life, they would certainly not partner with Orman if she still recommended the products she used to sell to her clients.We’re not out to personally attack Suze Orman, and there is much to admire in her no-nonsense financial advice that encourages people to live beneath their means, update their wills, avoid unnecessary fees, and put people before money.

She expressed that she wanted to put her money somewhere “ and didn’t know how to tell if it was a good time to get back into the market.

Suze said if the woman was in her 20’s it would be ok, but at this point, she would probably go through the 8 months of savings she had put aside and her 401K.

She said that because the woman was in her 40’s she was too old to take this kind of risk. ” Suze has stated many times to NEVER buy permanent insurance, and has harshly criticized (and often given misleading information) on whole life policies.

Oh, and they also MUST have have “impeccable credit” and an additional “twelve months operating expenses” of their other assets and in addition to their emergency fund before they can even THINK about starting a business!

We appreciate that there is risk involved in starting a business, and that many entrepreneurs fail to save enough, but Suze’s advice is nearly impossible for many to follow, serving only to keep them trapped in jobs.

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