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He's very laid back and puts all the guests at ease immediately. They are 16 passenger vans that have been modified by Kevin to be the best vehicles out there for tour guests.The last seat is removed, leaving room for luggage, then 2 people per seat - so 6 guests per van - very spacious.We are led by well-known, experienced storm chasers, including a degreed meteorologist who has a reputation for finding the right storm and are not afraid to get close safely.We have unique, comfortable vans that hold only 6 guests at a time, maximizing space and enabling each guest the best view possible.Hotels were all comfortable, and no problems at all. Comment on this review Name: Jennifer Giordano Tour: Tour 5 Year: 2013 Blogged about the tour: Read more I would HIGHLY recommend ETT to anyone looking into tours.

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Blake, another veteran chaser, is also a skilled photographer and loves to explain weather.Not only do you see amazing storms, but you learn a lot of information from the guides and make life-long friends. In 2012 we had a slow year weather-wise, but the guides worked their tails of to get us to anything worthy of chasing.We all enjoyed it so much that 8 of the 12 of us returned in 2013 together (the other 4 had life reasons, ie babies being born, getting married, not able to get time off work).This large passenger van has captains seats that have individual climate controls and armrests.The van also has a tour speaker system for those that sit in back to hear the guides keep them informed.

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