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Clad in their cheerleader ensembles, Helen was seen questioning Brandi Glanville over her childhood and while Brandi admitted she had never been a cheerleader, she claimed she used to 'sell weed' to her school friends.The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star said: 'My dad grew it, so I stole it and I sold it.' Helen and Sandi were left shocked at Brandi's admission and she left them even more open-mouthed as she confessed: 'I blackmailed my dad once... 'We all wanted a 100 bucks - my sister, brother and I - and we said we were going to call the police.

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Chad on this one: Rumination is bad for you.) To blow off steam, find a positive outlet for your negative emotions, like cooking, taking a yoga class, or even organizing your home until your feelings settle.Celebrity Big Brother viewers had seen her passionately kiss the reality star, before later getting into bed with him for a 'five minute cuddle'.And now coming to regret her steamy antics with Chad Johnson on camera, Sarah Harding insisted that the duo need to 'tone' down their romance, as she doesn't want to hurt her boyfriend on the outside.'I just feel terrible that I let my emotions get the better of me... You're single and I've only been dating for four weeks, but I don't want to hurt someone who is a good person - they don't deserve to be hurt.'Sarah added: 'I need to respect other people on the outside and take responsibility for my actions.'Taking in what Sarah had to say, Chad played down their kiss and claimed the duo had 'got carried away' with one another, although he did admit in the diary room that he wasn't happy about the blonde beauty taking a step back from him.'You can tell she's pulled back and I have to do the same,' he explained. She says we got caught up in the emotions, but I didn't get caught up, I knew I liked her.'Earlier in the episode, Chad was seen hinting at his kiss with Sarah to Sam Thompson and Jordan Davies who had suspected that the pair had got intimate.

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    At the end of last season, “Brennan’s been kidnapped" by Addy, she says, though the reason why “may not be that sinister.”His departure in the third season also prompted one of the show’s longest-running jokes: the “squinterns.”“When Eric left the show, we decided to try different interns to see if we could find one we liked,” executive producer Stephen Nathan recalls, “but after a very short time, we realized, this rotating intern thing is great!