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Now that I'm financially comfortable, I keep my pantry so stocked, you'd think I had 10 grandkids, not just one.I donate extras to homeless shelters and to seniors who often have to choose between food and medicine. At Radio One, we've fed thousands of people through donation drives and Thanksgiving turkey giveaways.In 1979, my second husband and I bought our own station and turned it into Washington, DC's first black perspective talk radio station.But three years later, we split up and I lost the house.

In defending her refusal to fairly compensate the artists on whose back she earns her living, Ms.

Cathy Hughes, 68, is the founder and chairperson of Radio One, the largest African-American–owned and operated broadcast company in America. But earlier in her life, Cathy knew what it was like to feel hungry.

The Washington, DC, company has 55 stations in 16 U. "My three siblings and I grew up in Omaha's projects; our father was in college and our mother was a housewife, so we didn't have much money.

They'd left the napkin puffed up on top of the plate to cover their tracks.

I became pregnant at 16, and moved in with my soon-to-be husband's family.

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