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Well, Thursday’s proceedings got REAL fun, and Huffington Post reports that Kelly Jones’s lawyer was able to get poor Alex to lose his marbles on the stand, which is quite a feat, considering how mentally stable he is. It all started when Jones was asked about his new wife, Enya (no, not the lady who is all “SAIL AWAY SAIL AWAY SAIL AWAY! Anyway, according to Huff Po, the jurors were able to see Enya’s advertisements for “sensuous” massages, which pissed Jones off, but unfortunately Newman was like, “Again, Enya already said this stuff is legit, so shut up.” Jones finally lost it when Newman walked him through a series of yes-or-no questions, trying to get Jones to say he attempted to keep his teenage son from seeing his mother. He is also sometimes on the MSM and I doubt they would let him on if he wasn't their pawn.He is also a racemixer to my knowledge (Asian wife).

His ex-wife, on the other hand, wants 50/50 custody. Other things we learned in Thursday’s hearings were that Alex Jones banged another lady while he was with Enya, but it was before they got married, and also he smokes devil reefer once a year, just to see how strong George Soros is making it these days. However, I wouldn't discourage people from listening to him. You're probably confusing his ex-wife with his adopted Korean sister, pictured here: His unidentified current girlfriend is shown here (she's probably Jewish too): He might be an idiot to you, OP. Are they doing it to get a rise out of people for views, likes, comments?Jones does talk about relevant info like John Podestas spirit cooking satanic rituals proven by the Wiki Leaks documents. But I just see a person that speaks about all the conspiracy theories out there. Those group of people, Alex Jones (radio), David Dees (art), David Icke (speaker)... Some people believe in it, I'm a bit confused on what they stand for. Sometimes I think that things are in place for us to get caught up in what was in the news today or whatever instead of the bigger picture. Alex Jones gets married in 2017 - Hoaxer Info Ajna | Austin Escort Massage Directory Ajna | Austin Escort Massage Directory (I must have a sixth sense for these things or something.) - She's his wife (they married in January 2017 in Hawaii). Following Tuesday’s interview taping, Jones is now suggesting Kelly is aligned with the “New World Order” globalist conspiracy theory, complaining that she is producing a “fake news” piece about him, and declaring that she is “not feminine” but is “cold, robotic, dead., Jones declared Kelly’s interview of him to be “fake news” and said of the show’s producer: “I felt like the lady that’s the lead producer -- nice southern belle lady, older lady -- is like somebody that leads you to the gas chamber, or to the hangman’s noose, or to the electric chair.

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