Updating and fixing data sources with arcpy mapping

Tables can be searched within an entire map document or within a specific data frame. A definition query will not work for all workspaces.It is important to use the correct SQL syntax when working with different workspaces.Using these instructions, I have added a Set Data Source button to my main tool bar for Arc Map.

updating and fixing data sources with arcpy mapping-67

The List Table Views function returns a Python list of object.For example, file geodatabases and shapefiles have double quotes around a field name (for example, ).For more information on updating workspaces and data sources in a map document or layer file, please refer to the Updating and Fixing Data Sources with arcpy.mapping help topic.When you open a map, Arc Map looks for the data referenced by each of the layers in the map.If Arc Map can't find the data source for a particular layer, that layer won't be drawn.

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