Single mom of 3 dating

The most recent was a hot little 69 year old that was thin, sweet, and had the most amazing eyes I 8767 ve ever seen.

She seemed really innocent, and I don 8767 t think her notch count was that high (I 8767 d honestly say 6-7 guys), but the guy she chose to have a baby with is currently in prison! So far I have been told while our first date was being cancelled because of his kids that his kids will always take precedence.

He told me that the worst mistake a divorced parent can make is to dedicate all their decision-making to their children first.

8775 Children, 8776 he said, 8775 grow up and leave.

Lastly, I leave you with something my dad told me after I tearfully had to break with the love-of-my-life, divorced dad of two kids, because I was emotionally wrecked after endless fights involving his inability to schedule his time.

I consider my dad the voice of wisdom because he weathered it all.

Today a lor of people believe that is finding someone that makes them feel great is happiness, but it is NOT!!!

It 8767 s almost unbelievable how this is true to a Tee.

I hardly ever find a single mom who spawned with a decent guy.

If a person is not happy with themselves, NO other person will make then happy!!

Again, I 8767 m not saying to leave your date or your new partner hanging every time your kid/s break a nail or something 8767 m talking about the important things that will impact your child when he/she grows up!

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