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She explained, "There was a real significance to coloring my hair.As silly as it sounds there was a real significance in the way that people saw me, but also in the way that I carried myself and that I saw myself." One of the key parts of the movie is Jamie and Landon sharing the things they want to see, do, and accomplish before they die.He had a lot of respect as an actor and I was just the total newbie.I didn’t even know how to hit a mark, I was so fresh-faced and naïve.

When she went brunette to play Jamie, however, she didn't go back.The two couldn’t be more different, yet they work so well together.Their chemistry is undeniable, and that’s what makes the greatest of marriages work.Everything about him – the way he dressed, the little cigarettes that he smoked, and the music he listened to.He was the character to me and there was definitely a part of me that absolutely fell in love with him," Moore admitted.

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