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The thought of men bidding on her, wanting her as their sex slave, was thrilling.

Jack would be taking her home, but she would tell him to pretend to be her new master.

It wasn't just her improved shape that invigorated their romantic evenings. At thirty-five he was lucky to have such a young attractive wife.

They were both fantasising excitedly, over the prospect of entering a real slave auction. He thought it was his idea to try exhibitionist adventures, and was pleased that she agreed.

The men wouldn't just be ogling her body, like those times in the park. She was more likely to be excited and lead them on.

They would be bidding upon her, with the lucky one able to take her. That might spoil the atmosphere for her, so maybe she should try to act the part, by thinking of herself as a poor slave-girl.

She was lost in a fantasy, unable to fathom whether it was the humiliation, or exhibitionism that was the most enthralling.

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Jack suggested she enter an auction at the club, to be held in a few weeks time. She read through the blurb establishing it wasn't a joke, or just a fantasy evening. This is a serious auction, not just a game,' she scolded him. They would be entered in the auction, bided upon by anyone, only to be finally purchased by the seller. 'Besides, it doesn't matter how high the bidding goes, we'll get the money back from the sale,' he pointed out. Not believing he would bother with all the planning this involved, she agreed to consider it.

It's just a game for Barbara Barbara and her husband, Jack, enjoyed a little exhibitionism, which had grown ever more adventurous, to the point where they were caught making out in a park. Though from then on the adventures, as they called them, were toned down. Barbara sat at the screen to read through the details.

In turn their sex life returned to the boring duty it had been. So you do intend auctioning me off to a stranger,' she teased. True enough, it was possible to enter the auction safely.

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