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— A more extended account of the Pleatwoles, writ- ten by a German member of the family.

The first volume in which any references to the Valley Germans a|)[)ear is No.

— The Christian Book of Concord, or Syml)olical Books, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church; Comprising the Three Chief Symbols, the Unaltered Augs- burg Confession, the Apology, the Smalcald Articles, Lu- ther's Smaller and Larger Catechisms, the Formula of Con- cord, and an Appendix.

Especially inter- esting on the causes and circumstances of German emigration.

A number of facts are presented relating to the geography, population, cus- toms, religion, distribution of militia in the several counties, etc., but not much relating particularly to the Valley or its inhabitants.

— Contains sketches of some prominent Valley of Vir- ginia Germans. — A History of the Kagy Relationship in America from 1715 to 1900.

Giving a History ■ of the Virginias, Biographical Sketches of Eminent Virgin- ians, written by R. Brock; Military History by Counties, Giving the first Roster ever compiled of the Soldiers of the Lost bause, for each County Edition, with record of the Military Organizations of the County, and History of its Llonorable Part in the Great Drama of the late War; Also, a Department devoted to Family and Personal Sketches. In this, pages 305-430, folio, are of special interest: the bulk of the book is of a general character. A history of the Community of Seventh-Day Baptists at Ephrata, Lancaster County, Pa. Lancaster, Pa., 1889.— The Ephrata Brethren were an early offshoot of the Dunk- ers, and are often confused with them.

It does not give much about the Valley Germans, but contains some interesting facts about the Ruffners, from Page County, who settled in Kanawha, and others origi- nally from the Valley. PL— Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia, Special Virginia and County Editions. Hardesty & Co.— Only the Rockingham County edition has been examined.

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