Schools mandating volunteering

By requiring students to do community service in high school, we are not only ensuring good and informed citizens, but also a better economic and social climate.

Emma Caldwell is a senior at Gull Lake High School.

The life lesson of service is just as important in "the real world" we teenagers so often hear about as that "A" on our last calculus exam.

Making community service a requirement ensures students will at least spend the minimum time volunteering in their community.

During the training, volunteers will learn the following: In addition,if parents/guardians chaperone field trips they must complete the mandated reporter training as well as any background checks required.

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In order to comply with the regulations, the White County School System will provide training and certification for all of our volunteers.

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the faces of the elderly light up when you walk into the room.

Though my school only requires a minimum of 10 community service hours freshman year, I have continued to volunteer throughout high school.

If at least a third of these students are able to grasp the importance of community service, then they can take that skill and apply it not only to their professional lives but also to the general well being of their communities.

If these same students use the lessons they learned from volunteering, they could solve many of today's economic and social problems.

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