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The writers’ attitude was “why be subtle about it—let’s make an extra joke out of it,” Thomas said.

And despite a few challenges presented by the real-life pregnancies, "HIMYM" has been on a roll lately.

And Barney’s secret love for Robin, which viewers learned about late in Season 3, will get more screen time in coming weeks."The Front Porch," an episode in which the gang wore pajamas and bathrobes as they attempted to stay awake to watch Robin's morning show on TV, featured Marshall's amusing defense of the wearing of old-fashioned nightshirts and the debut of Barney's pajama "suit." Still, that episode also ended up presenting challenges of its own, especially in a scene in which Lily and Ted (Radnor) have a big argument and ignore the chaos that is erupting on the TV behind them.Smulders had a quite a few physical scenes in "The Front Porch" -- "She was almost at the point where she could not do those bits anymore," Thomas said -- and shooting Hannigan in front of the television proved to be a complicated affair.At the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in New York, Nicole Kidman praises her mother and husband, Congresswoman Maxine Waters says U. president Donald Trump is "dangerous," and model Gigi Hadid states it's OK to not feel strong every day. 15) Actor Anthony Edwards has revealed that he is a survivor of sexual assault.Edwards claims Gary Goddard, a well-known theatrical director, producer, and theme park designer, sexually abused him when Edwards was a young teenager.

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