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“Since the men I date are older and divorced, like me (or maybe they are just out of a long-term relationship, widowed, or have just been single all these years), this question usually gives them pause.

When they finally answer me, I’m able to get a sense of whether they’re cynical or hopeful, whether they’ve learned something distinct and valuable about love from their previous experiences, or just see their prior relationships as being all blended together somehow.

So before your next date ends with you drowning in the banality of whatever you both had for lunch today (and without an inkling of what really makes the other person tick), consider these five quintessential queries (and hey, maybe they’ll help think of a few of your own, too): passionate about? “Sometimes, my date responds with another question (‘what do you mean? I reply by saying that I’m genuinely interested in whatever excites him most in life. Sometimes this question makes my dates uncomfortable, and they shift around in their seats and say that they don’t really know what to tell me.

Or they respond by telling me that they like ‘the normal stuff — work, hanging out with friends, etc.’ I look for the guy who brightens up at the question and starts to tell me all about whatever it is that he’s into right now.

I also get an idea of what they’re looking for and what they’d like to bring into a potential new relationship.

I can then share my own experiences, and on a few occasions, I’ve found that this is an incredibly bonding discussion to have with my date.” “I like finding out concrete things about the women I date,” says Maryland resident Alex, 36.

That’s not two people forming a connection; rather, it’s more like trading mutual monologues with each other.

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You find out a lot about someone’s heroes, who inspires this person and why, and also usually something about the topics your date cares about most in life.

One woman answered with the names of three religious figures, which is how I discovered how important her faith was to her.

Another answered with a list of vapid pop culture celebrities, which was the first indication that we didn’t share that much in common — and I soon found out there were more indicators, so this was a good heads-up early on.

and the truth is, compatibility is all about those details.

I like focusing on weekends, which is usually when people have the most control over their personal time, so how they choose to use it is quite revealing.

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