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He looks down and sees—instead of the usual homely apparatus—a mini-cumulus of blankness, a teeming nothing, like a bumblebee with a drinking problem or a felonious face on Cops.

He screams, rubs his eyes, takes a terrified shower: no change. After trying everything—Viagra, shiatsu, studded underwear, peyote in the desert—our man despairs, only to rematerialize his smeared equipment, quite unexpectedly, via the single, chaste kiss of a good woman. Reality TV is currently experiencing a boom in blurred genitalia: men and women wandering around in the buff with absences buzzing between their legs.

In Season One, Billy is an “outdoors author,” built like a brick shithouse, although there are “doubts” (we are told in rumbling-foreboding voice-over) “about his mental toughness”; Ky is a lean and fabulous Australian stuntwoman.

They meet in the Louisiana swampland: sludge underfoot; Peeping Tom gators; thin, mean trees extending into infinity.

She’d signed a contract, said Viacom and the show’s producers, and besides, the misblurring was accidental. But clearly the day will come when all reality shows are naked: full-on, full-frontal.

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The person deciding then appears nude to select one of them for a fully clothed date.

“I wish I would have known what I was getting into.” “Billy’s morale goes in swings and roundabouts,” notes Ky.

So she too must enter the archetypal, accessing her deep womanhood and boosting the fragile male psyche. ” she tells Billy, as he splashes back to camp with a cottonmouth snake dangling off the end of his homemade spear.

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