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Shopping: Specialties here include South Sea pearls, beautifully crafted coral, hand-woven cloth and fine embroidery, plus haute couture and native artwork made from shell, wood and stone. Philippine Tourism - The official website for tourism includes destinations, attractions, lists of festivals and more, as well as some very pretty pictures.

Lonely Planet's Manila - Everything from historical sites to which neighborhoods to explore plus practical tips for tourists.

The Battle of Manila (February 3, 1945 – March 3, 1945) was a major battle of the Philippine campaign of 1944-45, during the Second World War.

It was fought by American and Filipino forces against Japanese troops in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. Joseph Swing, landed unopposed at Nasugbu in southern Luzon and began moving north toward Manila. forces in northern Luzon in a co-ordinated campaign, with the aim of buying time for the build-up of defences against the pending Allied invasion of the Japanese home islands. Chase's 8th Cavalry, the first unit to arrive in the city, began a drive toward the sprawling campus of the University of Santo Tomas, which had been turned into the Santo Tomas Internment Camp for civilians and the US Army and Navy nurses sometimes known as the "Angels of Bataan".

The Spanish settled in the Philippines back in the 16th century, which has influenced the cuisine to date. Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL): This airport is served by Delta, Hawaiian and a host of carriers from Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.

That, along with with Asian and American cuisine influences, gives Philippine dishes their unique taste you won't find elsewhere! State Department's "country specific information" section for the Philippines, where you'll find embassy contacts, visa/passport requirements, and tons of practical tips for tourists on everything from transportation to safety concerns. It also has flights on regional carriers that travel throughout the Philippines.

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Keep checking back as we have new Philippina singles every day with Manila girls, Cebu girls, and more living all over this beautiful island paradise!As the Americans and Filipinos pulled back, the Japanese blew up the bridge.On 5 February, the 37th Infantry Division began to move into Manila, and Griswold divided the northern section of the city into two sectors, with the 37th responsible for advancing to the south, and the 1st Cavalry Division responsible for an envelopment to the east.In a region of 20 million inhabitants, you'd better believe there's a lot to do in Manila, and here's just a sample.See the links below for more, or ask one of Manila's friendly residents; chances are, they will speak English.

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