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And like many young Jews, I became interested in philosophy and spirituality.In college I studied Marxism, Platonism, socialism, humanism, feminism.My interdating journey forced me to dive into learning anew, unlearn what I believed Jewish religion was, and relearn it with depth and authenticity that fundamentally changed my identity as a Jew.I believe a big part of Jewish education today must consist of unlearning what we assume Judaism is all about.A recent study by the author as well as a collation of obscure and sometimes unpublished material enables Hershel Shanks to establish what is perhaps the most reliable estimate that has yet been published of Jewish intermarriage in America.He also discusses the attitude of Jewish youth toward intermarriage and the problems it poses to them, as well as the puzzle which the American Jewish intermarriage rate presents to the sociologist.

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When you identify as a religious Jew, the boundaries are more clearly defined.I travelled to the arctic for a month hoping to taste native spirituality.In the process, I became disillusioned with one “ism” after another.And Judaism is an “ism” that was never even on my radar. At first it was exotic and exciting: I was expanding my horizons.But soon the guilt and the doubts started pouring in. Did it matter whether our future children ate pork and shrimp?

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