Ipad apps hang when updating

If you are facing similar trouble in your i OS 9 enabled device, we have got some solutions for you. Launch Settings app on your i Device → Tap on General. Tap on Storage & i Cloud Usage → Now tap on Manage Storage from under STORAGE section. Earlier, users found lot of tough moments in updating apps on i OS 7 devices. Then, click on the Apply button from the bottom of i Tunes screen. Users who own i Pad have found that they couldn't delete the apps using i Tunes as it has got only option available, and that is: Update. If you’ve ever encountered an application that is stuck installing, it can be incredibly frustrating.Not only is that progress bar stuck for eternity, you also lose access to the app, while it’s waiting to be updated.Before doing so, you’ll want to create a new backup.You’ll want to follow our guide on how to restore i Phone from an i Cloud backup.

Often it’s tied to a storage related issue or bad connection.Using the tips outlined above, you should be able to rid yourself of apps that are stuck waiting.If storage is your issue, it’s likely this issue will rear its ugly head unless you take steps to manage your storage.Most importantly, you’ll regain access to the app without having to connect to a computer. Back and Restore While the above options should fix your issue, I’m offering a third option should you still experience problems.Reboot Your Device Another option that has been proven to work for some folks is to reboot your i Phone, i Pad or i Pod touch. This involves a complete backup and restore of your i Phone.

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