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Whether or not you studied Inferno at some educational level, this poem resurfaces in some reference or another nearly 700 years later.I think it will be interesting to take a look at Dante’s Inferno from a “then and now perspective,” dust off the Judgment Hat, and figure out where people from the modern-era would end up in this version of Hell.My hair…it’s like they took his hair off and put it on my head.” Coupe also teased that Jane will have pink hair a la early Gwen Stefani.Also, with Brad out of work, it’s time for Jane to go into Type-A overdrive by taking a new job. “I deal cars with the brilliant Rob Corddry," who is coming on board as the Car Czar and appears in a couple of episodes - but the cast is hankering to get him to stick around for more. “He’s done two so far and we’re hoping for many more.It will be dealt with in the new episodes, Wilson teased: “Penny and Alex definitely spend some time on this issue because they are best friends and Alex is now living with Dave.” While it doesn’t seem as though Penny will get in the way of the two lovebirds, she did give a window into how Penny will react: “Penny does what she does best, which is rebound unhealthfully immediately into another relationship." The never-before-seen parents of Alex and Jane are also coming this season, played by Christopher Mc Donald and Julie Hagerty.For Coupe, she said we’ll see a not-so-flattering side to Jane when they arrive and she shows her Daddy issues: “I think there is a real sad side where Jane just really wants to impress her father.” For Alex, her rekindled romance isn’t something she’s dying to talk to Mom and Dad about for good reason, according to Cuthbert: “We’ve caused so much chaos, you get a sense that it’s not that she doesn’t want to tell it’s just that she knows how complicated it can get and she’s so happy it is what it is.” One thing fans can expect is a season filled with more hilarity for our regulars, who will undoubtedly have viewers picking favorite episodes, especially when other future stories include Dave and Alex apartment hunting and then hosting what is bound to be a comical Thanksgiving. “and so [he] is really intent on showing everybody what the true Thanksgiving is like.“My favorite episode has been the one we just shot, where I was paired with Damon in a caper-like storyline,” she said.“We joked, that individually our acting styles are so broad, when combined it plays like a telenovela.

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Penny starts the season still dating 90210 alum Brian Austin Green but that relationship goes awry in the first minutes of the opener.

Season 3 kicks off in a new time slot tonight, 9/8c on ABC, as BFFs Brad, Jane, Alex, Dave, Penny and Max continue to forge their way through life in Chicago. Tonight’s premiere picks up where the season finale left off and stars Elisha Cuthbert (Alex) and Zachary Knighton (Dave) told TV Fanatic at an on-set press junket in Los Angeles that they’re excited their characters are back together.

“No one’s actually seen us together like this,” said Cuthbert of Alex and Dave, who haven’t been back together in a romantic sense since the outset of the pilot.

If you’re a good boy or girl, when you die, you go up to the sky, which is Heaven.

If you lived a bad life, when you kicked the bucket, you would spend the rest of your days at some level near the core of the Earth, or Hell.

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