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Comedian and former co-host Peter Helliar supplies the script and co-stars here, playing the similarly developmentally stunted best friend of Brendan Cowell’s Jim.

In a drunken stupor following his inevitable break-up with Strahovski’s Alice, Jim falls asleep in the car of stranger Charlie (Dinklage), who exhibits a far superior knack for words and self-expression.

What began during a conversation with Dan and Jody a few weeks ago about good Australian Cinema, and continued last night as a list of Australian film recommendations for Shoham and Michel from the local video store, debuts here as the preliminary list of best Australian movies in the last fifteen years. (All movie links point to Wikipedia.) To plug for having a movie added to or subtracted from the list, please keep the following points in mind.

The following list is compiled from a combination of unreliable memory traces, favourite actor preferences, and IMDb assaults undertaken by Yours Truly. An “Australian movie” is taken to be any movie that is set, filmed and produced mostly in Australia.

After reading this interview it’s hard not to picture all of Rhys Ifans’ characters as prickly and addled under the influence of antibiotics (in much the same way Jessie Eisenberg’s characters all seem a bit Aspergery post- and a propensity towards cliché (in this case: country life is a restorative, healing balm for disenchanted urbanites suffering big city malaise, and introverted country spinsters need a big city guy to rekindle their zest for life).

It’s saccharine, but has some rough edges and weird grace notes that make it worthwhile viewing.

To some viewers, Australian comedies are a warm blanket providing comfort and joy.Her performance is terrific, and I find it puzzling that Karvan, unlike Pearce, never really broke outside Australia (though based on sentiments expressed here, that maybe more due to personal choice than celebrity Darwinism).On a side note, this is one of four local productions featuring both Pearce and Karvan: they also co-star in Errol Flynn biopic final feature film as a director, though she’s still involved in Australian cinema, working in behind the scenes capacities on many ventures and productions and currently serving on the Australian Directors Guild’s Women in Film Action Committee.For some, they’re an acquired taste, the cinematic equivalent of Vegemite.For others, they’re only marginally preferable to arsenic, and for others still arsenic would be the preferred beverage of the two.

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