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Marshall left the band, and after scouring the ranks of their peers in a fruitless search to replace him – a process that included numerous pleading phone calls to former Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro – the Peppers resorted to placing a want ad in the .The ad drew 5,000 calls the first day it ran, but few of the eager auditionees came close to fitting the bill.Rick Rubin, who produced the band's 1991 megahit, , is lined up to produce its next record, and in two days, the Chili Peppers leave for Hawaii, where, free of distractions save the welcome variety, they'll hole up in a house together and begin preproduction.Yesterday, over a pot of strong coffee and numerous bottles of Evian, Kiedis held forth on all manner of topics.Tonight, he has some loose ends to tie up before the trip, but he's offered a quick tour of his house before he moves on to other business.

They were last seen together in March 2015 when they enjoyed a surfing trip in Malibu, California together.A source tell the site, "Joel came by very quietly to [designer] Thomas Wylde's show on Monday to see Wanessa walk." Representatives for the "Black Mass" actor and the 23-year-old model haven't commented on the dating rumors yet.On Valentine's Day, Wanessa took to Instagram to share a picture of her posing with a bouquet of flowers, perharps from her new boyfriend, while pouting to the camera. #Love #Valentines Day," the 5ft 11in model wrote alongside the snap.A trio of teen-age boys decked out in surf-punk gear, eyes lit by possibility and all-for-one, one-for-all camaraderie: Kiedis, the bassist Flea and the late Hillel Slovak, the Peppers' first guitarist, captured in mid-goof-off by a Hollywood street photographer more than a decade ago.It's difficult to look at the photograph without imagining that the spirit that lent it such poignant resonance is guarding the house and all who pass through its doors.

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