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Im about 6'4, green eyes, and a fairly largish build.

If I'm online, sometimes that means I just want to... Come say hi Edit: Ok so I really didn't want this to turn into a bunch of rules or a bitch fest but some of y'all have finally forced it out of me. **** u can talk to me about sex directly here becaus...

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I have to have a beard though, because without one, i look like a very tall child.

12 year old Abdul was at the local day centre for immigrants he was the only immigrant there everybody else had gone he was waiting for his brother to collect him.

What happened, where am I, I’m laying on a bed, and when in try to get up.

She suggested that the following Thursday we go together to the cinema in …

Marcus arrived at the ward and was told by the nurse to take Sharon a 17 year old local girl to …

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